Testimonials from Radio Guests

Many thanks to the radio guests who graciously took the time to endorse the value of the work we have done together. It is my honor and joy to help promote the work of others who, like me, are committed to sharing with the world the many possibilities for finding a life of flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace and joy.

Expand Your Possibilities: Recover and Discover Your Creative Self (12/11/13)
David GoldsteinIt was a pleasure to talk with Deborah as a guest on her radio show. As someone who has gone through her own life transformations, she leads by example. As a host, Deborah was well prepared and cared to really understand my message—about how each of us can be creative in our own unique way using our natural strengths from our personality type. Through our interview, she asked some wonderful questions and helped me to clarify my answers to best relate the ideas from my book to her audience. She has high energy and enthusiasm and is enjoyable to talk with.

David Goldstein
Author, Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to Thrive
David's Courageously Creative blog and Website

Inner Freedom (11/27/13)
Keith MerronIt was an absolute joy being on your radio show, Deborah. I found myself feeling as if I were at home in my living room with a treasured friend. The way you danced with me as we explored the nether reaches of human existence showed me your powerful understanding of transformation. You are a true gem! Keep up the noble work you’re doing by helping your listeners and the world find in themselves their truest selves.

Keith Merron
Avista Consulting Group
Author, Inner Freedom

Chocolate Peppers: Time to Stop Being a Martyr and Start Being Happy! (11/20/13)

Tab EdwardsBeing a guest on Deborah’s show was not only an honor, it was a pleasure, too. Deborah’s easy style as a host made the interview feel more like a good conversation between two friends than a radio interview with a formal structure. As a result, our exchange of ideas and thoughts about the value of doing what’s good for ourselves was interesting and even informative to me–and I was the interview subject! To me, that’s the best type of interview–a conversation where both parties engage to deliver a product that an audience can appreciate, gain insight from, be provoked into different ways of thinking about, and enjoy themselves in the process. Believe it or not, through our conversation, I, too, gained additional insight from Deborah into different ways to think about the value of acting from self-interest–the topic of my own book. It was the type of interview that you don’t hesitate to do again. Thank you, Deborah.

Tab Edwards
Author, Chocolate Peppers

and TabEdwards.com

The Path to Positive Living (11/13/13)
Patricia RaskinI truly enjoyed being a guest on Deborah Jane Wells’ radio program, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! Deborah is thoughtful, engaging and insightful as she demonstrates her purpose of helping guests
to step into their own greatness. She really guided me to share my message of hope and possibilities in a way that let me tell my story in an easy and comfortable flow. Sharing my spiritual and entrepreneurial journey with Deborah gave me insights into my own growth and milestones. I highly recommend the opportunity to be a guest on Deborah’s radio program. She is really there for her guests and does lengthy preparation to be sure that she fulfills the mission of the program and at the same time, meets the needs of her guests. Of the many shows I have been on, this was a wonderful, enlightening experience.

Patricia Raskin, Host/Producer for Raskin Resources Productions, Inc.
Patricia Raskin Positive Living
on VoiceAmerica.com
Patricia Raskin Positive Living
, Positive Business and Positive Dating
on Cumulus Broadcasting’s WPRO and AM790

Choices and Illusions: How Did I Get Where I Am, and How Do I Get Where I Want to Be? (10/23/13)
Eldon TaylorGreat interview—thank you Deborah Jane Wells.  I love your informed conversational style and it makes for such great radio as well!  Additionally, I applaud your talent and dedication in facilitating those desirous of change through your program, “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!” 

Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA
Host of Provocative Enlightenment Radio
New York Times Bestselling Author, Choices and Illusions

Leading From Within: The Power of Knowing Yourself (10/2/13)

Cheryl EspositoAs a guest on "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" I experienced Deborah's passion for life and for helping others with her every word. She listens deeply to explore beneath the surface, asking the questions that make the conversation meaningful. Her listeners gain the pearls of wisdom that are often missing in our sound-bite culture. I ask questions for a living with my Executive CEO clients and with guests on my own radio show. It was a pleasure to be on the “other side of the table!” Thanks Deborah!

Cheryl Esposito
CEO & Founder Alexsa Consulting
Author, In The Spirit of Leadership
Host, VoiceAmerica Radio Show Leading Conversations

Choosing Love: Harnessing the Physics of Action/Reaction (9/25/13)

Finding Comfort in a World Where Uncomfortable Things Happen (11/19/15)
Betsy Otter ThompsonThank you for the privilege of being on your show. Much to my delight, this beautiful hour started out with a moment of quiet prayer, continued with an easy repartee that allowed each of us to share our hearts in a meaningful way, and ended with the revelation of just how appreciative you are of the people around you; people who rarely, if ever, get publicly acknowledged. Thank you for inspiring me to be a better person.


Betsy Otter Thompson
Author, What Happens If I..., LoveParent,
The Mirror Theory, Walking Through Illusion and Love Human

Discovering and Healing Past Lives (9/11/13)

Inna SegalBeing on “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!” with Deborah Jane Wells was a soul nourishing experience. Deborah was thorough, knew my book, The Secret of Life Wellness, intimately, and was able to ask fascinating questions about the subject we were discussing. I also loved the preparation she did so that we could get to know each other and make sure that what we shared on air was relevant and incredibly helpful to her listening audience. I encourage anyone who has a powerful message to consider being part of the show as you are going to have a great time and have an opportunity to share your wisdom with a great host and her listening audience! Thank You Deborah, I can’t wait until our next interview!

Inna Segal
Creator, Visionary Intuitive Healing®

Author, The Secret Language of Your Body,

The Secret Language of Color Cards and The Secret of Life Wellness

Uniting the World: Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls (STARS) (9/4/13)
Natalie Oliver-AthertonWhat a marvelous and spirit-filled opportunity it was to share time, talents and treasures with Deborah Wells on her radio show Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life. Not only was she well prepared and organized to tape our show, she has that uncanny ability to make one feel at home, like you're chatting in your own living room about what matters most to you in your life.  It was a rare and wonderful chance to say how I feel about the extraordinary life that's been created out of my willingness to allow That Which Sent Me to be in the driver's seat of my life.  And letting the world know you can have it all.  Thanks Deborah, you're an Angel on earth!


Natalie Oliver-Atherton
Founding Member, Director of Music and Conductor,

Singers Taking Action Reaching Souls (STARS)

and starsFoundation.net

Be The Best At What Matters Most: The Only Strategy You’ll Ever Need (8/7/13)

Life, Love and Leadership (8/28/13)
Joe CallowayHaving five published books, I have done hundreds of interviews over the past ten years. Most of them, while being pleasant and somewhat informative, really just scratch the surface and too often seem almost like "going through the motions" of an interview. My recent interview with Deborah Jane Wells, however, was something quite different. Deborah isn’t focused on filling the time. She is focused on finding something of value for her listeners as well as her guest. It was such a pleasure to have the freedom to “go deep” with my material and blend it with Deborah’s own wise and wonderful perspective on work and life. Within five minutes, I felt like I was having a genuine, caring conversation with an old friend. The time flew by, and at the end of the interview I was already hoping that I could come back soon for more time with Deborah. The joy of working with a truly prepared and caring interviewer is a special thing, and I truly look forward to hearing her voice and exchanging ideas and experiences with Deborah again someday soon. 

Joe Calloway
Be The Best At What Matters Most

Living the Dream (8/21/13)

Mark RubensteinWhen I was a guest on Deborah’s show, I was amazed by her ability to extract from a guest’s story the essence of positive energy that makes each person unique. My interchange with Deborah was energizing and made me think about the arc of my own life in a more meaningful way. She has her finger on the pulse of life and how to live it in a reflective and loving way. She presents an enormous amount of wisdom for listeners and guests alike. 

Healing is Believing: Embracing the Power of Intent and Belief (8/14/13)
Healing is Believing: Embracing the Power of Intent and BeliefDeborah's interview style is friendly and casual. She generously offers her guests the opportunity to share information about themselves and their projects.

Dr. Jeri Mills, physician

Secrets from the Relationship Whisperer: 5 Ways to Know You’re Making Progress (7/31/13)

Tracy CrossleyMy experience working with Deborah is at the top of my list. Not only is she incredibly organized in designing her shows, she is also very intuitive and aware during her shows. She knows what questions to ask to engage in a conversation that is inspiring and motivating to her listeners. Deborah has an ability to cut through the chaff and get to the important insights that her audience wants to know. She is a wonderful host—I am thrilled and honored to have had the opportunity to work with her.

Tracy Crossley
The Relationship Whisperer

Diving Deep With Delight: How to Transform Your Life With Laughter (7/24/13)
Mary RivesDeborah and I originally connected as life coach coauthors of an inspiring anthology entitled "Successful Transformation," published on Amazon.com in June 2013 by Jeannette Koczela, Founder of the International Association of Professional Life Coaches (IAPLC). As a participant in an IAPLC Masterclass Deborah taught on publishing and social media, I knew her to be a savvy life coach, author, radio host and entrepreneur. Appearing as a guest on Deborah's Voice America internet radio show was an honor and a delight. Her spiritual foundation, clear presence, grounded organization and comprehensive planning facilitated our authentic engagement, creating an opportunity for further growth for ourselves and our listeners. I highly recommend appearing on Deborah’s show. It will allow you to reach millions of VoiceAmerica listeners across the globe with your particular transformative message of hope and possibilities. 

Mary Rives

11 Days in May: Searching for Meaning and Purpose to Life (7/10/13)

JD MessingerWith the same energy and determination she applied in the professional world, Deborah has taken her considerable expertise in human potential and has now set her sights on the largest co-op in the world, humanity. Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life is tackling what I believe are the most important questions we each must ask: who am I, where did I come from, why am I here, and what's love got to do with it (cue Tina Turner)? These are not trivial or philosophical questions for the answers change what we do, why we do it, who and what we love. I am grateful for a wonderful show and the opportunity to walk with Deborah on this critical journey.

JD Messinger
Award Winning #1 Amazon Best Selling Author
11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life

It’s Never Too Late to Follow Your Dreams (7/3/13)

Kim ClausenDeborah's radio program Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life is an insightful radio program where Deborah and her guests help listeners become more creative, inspired and committed through stories of trials, tribulations, and victories. Deborah's message of FIRST falling in love with yourself is a transformative message that everyone needs to hear.   It was an honor to share my story of moving from fear to love, and offer inspiration to others whose dreams may have dwindled but are not dead, as the ultimate gesture of love for ourselves is to follow our heart's call. 

Kim Clausen, President
Ready2Go Marketing Solutions, Inc.
Denver, Colorado

How to Stop Struggling and Start Living the Life You Deserve! (6/26/13)

Sharon WilsonDeborah is amazing! I have been on many radio shows but her approach and organization make it easy for anyone—newbie or veteran. Her show production recipe is characterized by ease and flow. She blends her substantial corporate consulting experience with Spirit-led coaching passion to help her guests prepare and repurpose existing content to fit her format. Thank you, Deborah, for the opportunity to collaborate in touching the lives of your listeners with hope and possibilities. 

Sharon Wilson, Founder/Chief Inspiration Officer
Coaching from Spirit Institute

Using Your Intuition to Find Your Life Purpose (6/19/13)

Kendra GoheenHaving never appeared on a live radio program, when I agreed to be a guest on Deborah’s show I really had no clue what to expect. My radio broadcast with her was a glorious 60-minute experience that flew by in a flash. Deborah has the ability to put her guests at ease and allow the grace of Spirit to move freely through the interview. It was dynamic, authentic, fulfilling, and fun. Deborah’s blend of professionalism, warmth, and compassion supports her guests in just showing up and going for it. I am deeply appreciative for the opportunity and all I experienced.

Kendra Goheen
Intuitive Guide, Spiritual Director, and Life Coach


Feeding Your Sense of Touch: The Power of Massage (5/29/13)

Kristin DorranceWorking with Deborah as a life coach and a radio host has inspired me to keep growing as a person. She helps me examine who I am, my goals, and live outside my box with more excitement and love for the journey. I agreed to be a guest on her radio show to challenge myself and share with others that we are all deserving of good things in life. Deborah’s organization, skill and enthusiasm made being on the show unbelievably easy and comfortable. My experience matched the old saying—when you are having fun time flies! That’s exactly what happened during the show. The simple and authentic concept of sharing my story has inspired more opportunities for growth in my professional and personal life thanks to Deborah’s ability to create a safe and loving environment. I look for to the journey ahead.

Kristin Dorrance
Bodywork by Kristin

Feeding Your Sense of Creativity: The Power of Love and Gratitude (5/22/13) 

Sheila HughesI never imagined that appearing as a guest on an internet radio show would “open my eyes” but that is exactly what happened.  Sharing my story of transformation with Deborah Jane Wells and her listeners opened my eyes to the power of internet radio. Terrestrial radio has always been a powerful medium but internet radio amplifies the reach of the message far beyond what I could have imagined. And yet, producing my episode with Deborah was as comfortable as two friends talking over coffee. As my first internet radio broadcasting experience I found it to be an enlightening sensory encounter. As my eyes were opened, I felt my voice of personal experience and message of perseverance communicated through the internet and into the hearts and minds of listeners across the globe. 

Sheila Hughes
Founder, Ruby Slippers Clique

The Power of Your Story: Becoming a Transformational Author (5/15/13)

Christine KloserI've been interviewed countless times over the past several years and working with Deborah Jane Wells to be on her show was a highlight. She is incredibly organized and detail-oriented so I felt well taken care of. Plus, her heart and her purpose are palpable through her presence and her words. A great experience all the way around! 

Christine Kloser
Best-Selling Author and Transformational Book Coach

You CAN Make A Living Following Your Bliss (5/8/13)

Jeannette KoczelaWhen Deborah Jane Wells offered to have me on her radio show, I was thrilled. I knew what a talented speaker she was and that it would be a great interview. And she didn’t disappoint me. In our prep work, Deborah helped me organize my story and bring out the important highlights as well as how to interface it with her transformational theme. Her professionalism and concern made me feel at ease as she skillfully guided the conversation to cover all the points we wanted to make and keep the talk interesting to the audience. She even helped me discover several new areas of value in my work that I hadn’t been aware of. The structure of the show helped me to contribute my support to the powerful inspiration and upliftment that Deborah’s message of hope and encouragement gives to the world. I was already a big fan of Deborah, but now I’m also a big fan of her enlightened radio show! Thank you, Deborah, for the incredible opportunity to share my story and spread our mutual message for transforming the planet. 

Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President
International Association of Professional Life Coaches™ (IAPLC)
Empowered Business Coaching
Author, Money Mindset Makeover


Finding Your Voice: The Power of Radio (5/1/13)

Nathan JettI really appreciated the time Deborah invested in having me as a guest on her radio show. Her professionalism and attention to detail were amazing. I felt comfortable and was allowed to express my thoughts on being an executive producer.  As a producer and past show host, I recognize that these are not easy traits to master. I also appreciated the thoroughness of her interview and her regard for the overall wellbeing of her listeners. I like the fact that she focuses on the positive and inspirational aspects of people and what they do. I encourage others to listen to Deborah’s show and, if given the opportunity, to appear as guests. 

Nathan Jett
Senior Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica


Finding Your Voice: The Power of Radio (5/1/13)

Randall LiberoAs Executive Producer for “Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life,” I have been blown away at how quickly Deborah has fully embraced her role as a talk radio personality. Her show has tremendous value and topicality for our listeners, super high quality guest interviews, and most of all, she is such a likeable personality on air. You can really tell she is having fun—it’s easy to catch on to her enthusiasm for whatever she is talking about. She makes it all sound so effortless on air—but I know she spends hours of preparation for each show to achieve that feel on every show. That’s the sign of a true professional. We here at VoiceAmerica are extremely grateful for Deborah’s dedication and commitment to her weekly talk show. I know big talent when I see it—Deborah Jane Wells is a major rising star on the talk show scene. 

Randall Libero
Senior Executive Producer, VoiceAmerica


What Animal Companions Teach Us About Trusting Our Intuition (4/24/13)

Rebecca BlackbyrdWorking with Deborah Jane Wells on her radio show gave me the rare opportunity to share one of the most important turning points in my life with an audience dedicated to positive personal transformation. Deborah was a wonderful facilitator and coach, and helped me craft my stories so they built on one another and allowed us to have an easy-but-powerful dialogue about trusting our intuition. I have received wonderful feedback from my clients who expressed how touched they were when listening to me talk about difficult subjects, including divorce and the death of beloved animal companions. They were able to relate to my stories and remember "who and Whose" they are when facing their own challenges. I couldn't have wished for a better entrance into the internet radio medium.

Rebecca Blackbyrd
Animal Communicator & Certified Reiki Practitioner

Poetry in Motion (4/17/13)

Theo E.J. WilsonI met Deborah a few months ago at a performance of my slam poetry. Her enthusiasm and energy were positively contagious. I was delighted when she offered me the opportunity to appear as a guest on her VoiceAmerica radio show, “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!” How could more exposure for my poetry and its underlying message of hope be anything but powerful when shared through such a capable, inspiring and professional radio host?

One of the greatest benefits of speaking on Deborah’s show about my transformation from victimhood to victory was the way in which her thoughtful and probing questions helped me re-examine and gain even deeper appreciation for the power of my personal journey. Her insights helped me see myself and my work through fresh eyes. I was reminded of the power of choice and that life is a journey not a destination.

Because I live near Deborah in Aurora, Colorado, and opted to record the broadcast at her studio, I received the added bonus of meeting her renowned coaching cats—SiddhaLee, Mortimer and Maisy Jane. They are some cool cats and a ton of fun. What an unexpected treat.

Without a doubt, the most valuable benefit I received from being a guest on Deborah’s show is the opportunity to build a lasting friendship and opportunity for collaboration with an uplifting colleague. That’s priceless! 

Theo E.J. Wilson
Slam Poet
Aurora, Colorado

Creating a Life of Wellbeing (4/3/13)

Tambre LeighnMy recent interview on "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" was a great opportunity to introduce iPEC's new 7th Level Wellbeing Division while sharing insights into the concept of creating wellbeing in your life.  As host, Deborah Jane Wells creates an engaging dialogue to deliver valuable information and concepts to her listeners, opening them up to different perspectives.  Her commitment to raising awareness and the energy in the world is inspiring.  Thank you, Deborah, for the experience of being on your show. 

Tambre Leighn, MA, CPC, ELI-MP
Managing Director, 7th Level Wellbeing Division
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Teach Your Children Well: Are We Breaking Down or Breaking Through? (3/20/13)

LISTENI had the pleasure of sharing the microphone, with Deborah Jane, to discuss my journey as an educator in the public school system. It was instantly apparent that she possessed an uncanny ability—a natural gift to zero in on one’s values, feelings, and the “turning point” which catapulted them from adversity to victory. As a Certified Professional Coach, author, and curator of all-things-positive, she raises the “happiness quotient” inside all of us—she changes our perceptions, encourages us to look through a broader lens, and embody a life that’s truly EXTRAORDINARY! In short, she defines what it is to be a consummate professional—entrepreneurial, engaging, and effervescent. Thanks Deborah Jane, for living your purpose and helping others to do the same!   

Susan Gonzales, CPC, ELI-MP
Chief Operating Officer
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Creating a Place Where People Love to Work! (3/6/13)

Zackarie LamelleDeborah exudes a true gift—the innate capacity to celebrate the written word as well as speak from the heart. As a broadcast personality, author, and certified life coach, her authenticity is omnipresent. Her positive perspective on life and love invigorates her listeners with an able-bodied message of empowerment. “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life” is a fitting title for her talk radio endeavor, which so readily inspires and uplifts listeners to know that they have the power to take charge of their own lives rather than continuing to live at the effect of everyone and everything around them. A powerhouse behind the microphone, Deborah’s thoughts reverberate with clarity and impact. After making a guest appearance on her show to talk about sustainable employee engagement in the workplace, it was clear to me that she is diligently committed to the art of self-transformation. Through these shared synergies, I have become Deborah’s fan for life!

Zackarie Lemelle, CPC, ELI-MP
Managing Partner, Corporate Engagement Services

Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

Creating a Life You Positively Love (2/20/13)

D. Luke Iorio

Deborah is all about people, purpose, and dynamic professionalism! As a successful graduate of the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), she lives and breathes learned principles that have helped pave the way for her organic repertoire of writing, speaking, and highly intuitive thought leadership. Wearer of many hats, Deborah’s liberating message supported via the pillars of advocacy, life coaching, and the digital airwaves, has inspired countless individuals to “step into their greatness.” Also a formative and highly-credentialed “transformation consultant,” Deborah’s voice is essential for our time—challenging perceptions, motivating minds, and mobilizing the masses to harness their infinite potential. As a guest on her VoiceAmerica talk radio show, I witnessed, firsthand, her intellect, humor, and insight—playing full out! She’s a conduit for positive change and a powerful life force inviting us to move forward and make a lasting impression on the world-at-large! 

Luke Iorio, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP
President & CEO
Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC)

If You Could Talk to the Animals (1/30/13)
Your Personal Emotional Trainers (2/6/13)

Sandi AusmanWhen Deborah asked me to be one of the first guests on her radio show, I was very honored. I wanted to help her get her message out, because what she has to share and teach is so important. I also knew there were some experiences and tools from my life that I felt people could relate to and use in their own lives. I was blessed enough to be on two consecutive shows, and we had so much fun and had such a great rapport together. Deborah takes such good care of you, and has the format and details worked out so nicely, that it takes away any nervousness if you haven't done a radio show before. I loved my experience with Deborah!

Sandi Ausman
ARCH Master Energy Healer, Animal Communicator
Aurora, Colorado






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When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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