Testimonials from Coaching Clients


Many thanks to the clients who graciously took the time to endorse the value of the coaching we have done together. While the testimonials are real, for those that address individual rather than organizational coaching, the names have been changed out of respect for privacy.  Respecting that boundary is an important aspect of my Code of Ethics.



"I had no idea how much having a knowledgeable, supportive, trustworthy cheerleader and coach could change my life. Using techniques like baby stepping my way to completing goals and checking in with my internal board of directors to determine if they were assisting or thwarting me really helped me professionally and personally. But, my biggest outcome is that I no longer live in continuous fear. Using Deborah’s model, I was able to identify that voice in my head, give it it’s say and put it all in proper perspective. I’ll forever be thankful! Deborah is kind, loving, knowledgeable, experienced, and has a working model that really works! Thanks, Deborah!" RJ  



"Just sitting at my kitchen table cooling down after a good workout this beautiful Friday morning and thinking of how much better my life is now thanks to Deborah's coaching. I take much more time for me and avoid stress as much as possible; it has been amazing. THANK YOU." Marie



"With Deborah’s guidance and support, I was able to redefine my work role from a challenging and frustrating situation into a positive new role that utilizes my best skills and meets my personal goals. Deborah’s coaching helped me think in new ways, challenge myself and explore new approaches. Thank you for your passion and professional insights! A most grateful client." Bridget


Jackie"As Life Coach, Deborah Jane Wells was also a teammate, a strategist and my biggest fan. Deborah is a gifted listener; she hears deeply. She offers insightful guidance based on and drawn from a wealth of personal experience. She understands and teaches that transformation occurs one baby step at a time and she rejoices as each one is experienced. Deborah is an enthusiastic, energetic and very exceptional woman who has accompanied me on my journey for several months. I cannot speak highly enough of her talent and skill as a life coach. An attribute that I didn’t expect and which I find captivating is her keen sense of humor. Often during our work together, she would couch an observation in the driest wit and I would be left breathless from laughing. The two most important lessons that Deborah helped me to learn for my own highest and best are to be curious and to lighten-up! Thanks, Deborah. My life is better because you are in it!" Jackie



"Over the last six months, I have had the pleasure of working with Deborah. This choice, during my transition period from working full time to retirement, certainly has made a huge difference in how I am approaching my next chapter. I was "stuck" within my own myriad thoughts not knowing where to begin—a million ideas but totally overwhelmed and without direction. Deborah, with her honesty, passion, experience, curiosity AND incredible brain storming techniques, provided the necessary components to help me formulate a road map. She emphasizes what brings you joy, what matters most to you, what are your values and priorities, being in the moment and so much more. Deborah encourages the mirror approach of insights into yourself without any limiting thoughts—you can do and accomplish anything! She holds you accountable to your short and long term goals, which for me has meant faster results. She always has you celebrate those milestones you reach which feels great knowing you are moving forward. As a professional life coach, I highly recommend Deborah! Marla


Heather"I've been working with Deborah for about three years now and have experienced breakthrough after breakthrough. I have brought my most difficult personal and professional challenges to our sessions and she has worked through them effortlessly, all the while keeping me on track and helping me continue to move forward. Since working with Deborah I have broken through barriers that have held me back my entire life, and have become a published author, radio show host and recently started my own company. I've come to rely on Deborah as my confidant and friend, I trust her explicitly and look forward to many more years to come." Heather


Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, Virginia"Deborah is a compassionate professional with considerable expertise in her field. The depth of her knowledge of leadership and life skills has encouraged my team to dig deep and embrace change beyond all expectations. I am inspired by her rare combination of clarity and vulnerability that enables her clients to connect with her. And, I am doubly grateful that she has committed her valuable time, skills an strength to Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg so that we can best serve our community." Audrey Smith, Executive Director, Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, Virginia


Faith"It is rare to encounter professionals who are passionate about what they do and who practice compassion toward all. Deborah is that rarity. I have had the delight of being one of Deborah's coaching clients over the last six months, and I can say that I have benefited personally and professionally from it. I have been so very impressed with Deborah's insight. Her corporate experience combined with her creative spirit makes her a wonderful companion for any kind of professional project. Deborah has a beautiful sense of humor and a profound amount of emotional intuition, which make conversations with her like speaking with an old friend. As a professional life coach, Deborah has my highest recommendation." Faith


AngeLinda"If you’re looking to make life changes purposely and enjoy the process, I encourage you to seek the guidance of an experienced professional Life Coach. Deborah Jane Wells has been the leader I desperately needed to help me finally set my life on track after years of searching for answers through self-help books, CD’s, courses and online resources. As a lifelong learner, I had all the academic tools and degrees for success but was still floundering. I had some positive stretches in my career but inevitably it seemed I would take three steps forward and then four steps back. Recruiting the help of Life Coach Deborah Jane Wells—author of Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!—has proven to be the best decision and investment in myself I have ever made. Helping me to change my thinking from victim to victor by identifying repeated patterns of self-sabotage, Deborah’s coaching had guided me to change. I say “guided me to change” because at no time has she forced my steps but rather she has held the flashlight and my hand to guide my way to finding and expressing the real me. I’ve been amazed throughout our progress together. She’s demonstrated an incredible talent to pay attention to every word I have said to her and read me like an open book from beginning to end so I could finally discover who I have always been destined to become. If you’re looking for true transformation in your life—be it career renovation and/or personal development—I would strongly recommend you seek the help of the truly professional and inspirational Deborah Jane Wells, Life Coach." AngeLinda


Pierre"Deborah Jane Wells has coached me on several different occasions and always over-delivered. She coached me through the writing of my second book and that really helped me get it done with the right mindset and minimum amount of stress. On other occasions she has coached me when I had a mindset issue and her suggestions were always valuable. Her insights as to what may be going on at the subconscious level are enlightening and her desire to facilitate a transformation in her clients, obviously comes from the heart. One of her many talents is her brilliance at uncovering what’s actually underneath the surface symptoms and getting down to the core issues. Her book gave me many breakthrough moments and using her techniques has helped me make important changes in my life. The results of more peace of mind and acceptance of myself are long-lasting. I highly recommend her coaching programs." Pierre


Rhiannon"Deborah is a profoundly good listener who really 'hears' her clients, which enables her to respond with great understanding and insight. The art of listening is a powerful gift to share with others. I have found the time that I spend coaching with her to be filled with moments of self discovery and opportunity for growth. The paradox that most of us encounter at some point, both in our professional and our personal lives, is this: the situations, circumstances and people that present us with our greatest challenges concurrently have the potential to unlock unlimited opportunity for personal growth and enlightenment—but only if we embrace them and intentionally choose to respond with an attitude of curiosity, respect, compassion and gratitude. Deborah is very gifted in her ability to reflect this truth back to those she coaches." Rhiannon


Cheyanne"Deborah Jane Wells is the most amazing coach. She is my personal and professional coach and she has helped me through so many challenges, struggles, and successes as an Executive Director, Business Owner, Entrepreneur, Visionary, Explorer, Helping Professional, Writer, Real Estate Developer/Investor, Motivational Speaker, and Teacher. I don't know what I would do without her. She is my rock and support and I look forward to our weekly coaching sessions because she helps to ground me, helps me to reflect, process, evaluate, and activate the inspiration that hides and is buried within my soul. She helps me be the best me I can be. I would highly recommend her to help you to navigate through the challenges and celebrations on this journey called life." Cheyanne


Fiona"New jobs can be particularly challenging to navigate, and this last new vocational transition came with a lot of learning, a number of new responsibilities and a notable amount of anxiety for me. By the graciousness of the universe, Deborah Wells came into my life just a couple of months after I made this transition. As my life coach, Deborah, in her gentle spirit, has helped me to become more aware of the (very human) fears that have driven my work ethic. Simultaneously, with her curious spirit, Deborah has invited me into a pattern of continuous celebration of each step I make along my journey. As a result, I am practicing more creative ways of caring for myself and others in my field. Coaching with Deborah is something that I look forward to each month, and I highly recommend her to anyone seeking any kind of self-growth and increased self-awareness." Fiona


Alice"I gained so much clarity coaching with Deborah. Whether we were working on my career, relationships, or even where to live, she kept me laser focused on approaching life with a sense of curiosity. There were many times I couldn't see possibilities and she gently guided me back to the truth—the universe always provides us with abundant happiness, love, and opportunities. I take the next steps on my journey with a sense of wholeness and confidence in myself." Alice


Emma"I've been blessed to coach with Deborah for a few months now and continue to be amazed by her insight and intuition. I've come to expect that whatever problem I'm facing in my life, she will quickly help me sort through it and see it in a different light. Her ability to see the positive in any situation is remarkable and has given me the ability to look at every seemingly difficult experience as an opportunity for growth that brings me one step closer to the life I want. With Deborah's gentle guidance, I now realize that I was letting my life be driven by fear. She has given me the tools to look at my life and my choices in a non-judgmental way and help me recognize the energy driving those choices. As a result, I am letting go of the shame and guilt I've carried with me for years and learning to be as compassionate with myself as she is with me and all of her clients. Coaching with Deborah has quite simply opened my eyes to a whole new world of possibilities for myself!" Emma


Elizabeth"Here is the power of just one coaching session: Deborah asked me to come to the session with one wish that she as the genie would make come true. I struggled to come up with something right up until I was on the phone, then blurted out 'I want to take a 1 week vacation.' At the end of our time together, I knew that this would come to pass. It was just a given in my mind and heart. And a little more than a month later, I was on vacation. And, after that week away, I committed to taking a week off every three months, and have continued to do so with Deborah's support and encouragement. I do not know of anything more powerful than working with a coach. And when that coach is naturally intuitive, a deep listener and someone who walks her talk about living in flow and choosing love in each moment, you are in the best hands ever. That is the experience of coaching with Deborah." Elizabeth


Mary"With Deborah’s help, I was able to start living my life rather than remaining imprisoned by my past. Her ability to “look outside the box” and point the way to other options in a non-judgmental way encourages me to see things differently. Her validation of my gifts and accomplishments has helped me increase my appreciation for myself. Deborah has taught me the power of grateful celebration for all the good things in my life—large and small. And that centering myself really can be as simple as a single, mindful deep breath. Our brains really do need oxygen to function with clarity! Letting go of my past has been a great gift that allowed me to move forward into new opportunities with greater hope and confidence. Now, instead of being dragged down by experiences, I build on them to create a better life for all of us. Working with Deborah has touched my heart and mind forever." Mary


Madelyn"Deborah's personal story alone is inspiring enough to call to action even the most cynical of people. She is extremely intuitive, intelligent and motivating. Deborah puts it to you straight, but in the most hopeful and helpful way possible. Change is never easy nor is admitting things about yourself that you may have avoided for your whole life. However, she is a helpful guide that will believe in you every step of the way and lead you toward your own version of true happiness and loving yourself." Madelyn


Chris"I knew Deborah before she became a Professional Life Coach. I’ve been amazed at how she has changed her life. When I decided it was time to begin making decisions about the next phase of my life, I knew immediately that Deborah was the person I wanted to work with. Her personal and professional experiences help her guide clients through coaching in a way that is individualized and delightfully eye-opening. Her warmth and sensitivity are immediately apparent, even over the phone. With gentle encouragement and permission, she will guide you through an examination of your life, including difficult experiences. She will help you gain insight from your past choices and then explore possibilities for moving forward in less encumbered ways. When you work with Deborah, your life will take on new meaning and your potential will be limitless!" Chris


Lisa"Deborah listens in a way that is hard to explain. She is extraordinarily intuitive and asks penetrating questions that helped me get past how much my body weighed and begin to see the weight on my spirit." Lisa


Diana"Deborah’s no Wizard behind a curtain. She’s the real deal. Her wisdom, sensitivity and ability to listen were essential to my transformation. People who’ve watched me change know the work I’ve done was not an accident. Deborah has been a blessing in my life. I’m excited about all the unexplored possibilities still before us." Diana


Anne"When I look at the work I've done with Deborah, perhaps the greatest value lies in seeing myself differently. Her ability to facilitate my self-discovery through provocative questions and gentle guidance allowed me to accept that I don't have to have all the answers." Anne


Sarah"Deborah is insightful, intuitive, warm and welcoming—a tremendous asset to anyone’s journey. Your life will be enlightened and blessed by walking with her." Sarah



Sam"Deborah has an uncanny ability to listen. She knows what I’m trying to communicate and connects me with something much deeper than I’d find on my own. She handles every conversation with respect and compassion." Sam


Lily"I find Deborah’s approach to be unique. Her great advantage is the ability to bring together a strong professional background, a deeply spiritual perspective and a personal character born out of overcoming her own challenges and leveraging her life experiences to support others on their Journeys to Wholeness." Lily


Betty"Everything Deborah does, she does wholeheartedly and with great professionalism. Her calm, articulate presence and deep intuition are among the great gifts she shares with her clients." Betty


Lori"Deborah is a night light. She shines light on the dark places. She walks with you, she holds your hand, but she won’t, she can’t, do the work for you. If you have the courage and commitment to get up and walk—to do the hard work of changing—your Journey will be incredibly rewarding. Deborah will help you strengthen your ‘core’ quicker than any ab exercise out there." Lori


Megan"Deborah’s positive energy is so contagious, I am often in a totally blissful state after our sessions. I love that her story is so accessible and that she freely admits she has come from a place of discouragement and despair similar to the one so many of us are wrestling with. Deborah’s is a story of hope—living proof of what is possible." Megan


Cecilia"Deborah’s ability to get to the core of an issue just takes my breath away. Her insight distills things down to the simple truth—a truth clear enough for you to work with and through. She provides tools to help me navigate and re-connect with my authentic self. Don’t be surprised if you start by focusing in one area of your life, only to make deeper, more profound discoveries and changes in other aspects of your life as well." Cecilia


Sandra"My Journey in search of Self over several decades has involved many modalities and an eclectic mix of spiritual paths. My breakthroughs with Deborah revealed a beneficial new path through which I continually grow in my ability to recognize, respect, heal and transcend the fear-based aspects of my Ego. By learning to let go of my anxiety and self-doubts, I have been able strengthen and expand my sense of Self within and as an essential contributor to the unfolding of the Universe. A truly amazing and rewarding Journey that I never expected!" Sandra


Caroline"As a result of Deborah's coaching, I was finally able to forgive my father for all the abuse I received from him and free myself from feeling that I was ‘not enough.’ Through my work with Deborah, I came to see that it was my father's feelings of inadequacy that kept him from loving himself or anyone else, not any insufficiency in me. Once I was able to let go of my bitterness, I could thank him for the gift of life and for the role he played in learning to love myself. I've been able to help others find release from past pain and self-imposed limitations by sharing my lesson freely. I so appreciate Deborah's presence in my life." Caroline


Janice"My therapist recommended Deborah’s services when life handed me a few extra helpings of uncertainty with a divorce, a career change and more. Deborah’s loving partnership and insight helped me get off my own incessantly spinning hamster wheel. She helped me discover the abundant power within me and manifest my full potential. With her support, I found the courage to pursue two lifelong dreams: moving to India and writing my first book. Both felt unattainable one year ago today, and yet, with Deborah’s guidance, I’ve begun to live the life I dreamed of. She’s a Life Coach Miracle Worker! I am forever grateful." Janice


Mark"As an aspiring professional coach, I reached out to Deborah to augment my certification training and help me get focused. She met my objectives and so much more. The most surprising and valuable result of our work together was a significant transformation within myself. Changing so many parts of myself from the inside out really solidified the reason that I want to be a professional coach. The feeling of a deep, personal transformation is so uniquely profound, words cannot come close to fully describing the lasting impact. Deborah helped me rediscover that feeling of hope and endless possibilities inside myself which so inspires me to partner with my clients in doing the same." Mark


Susan"When Deborah hired me to create a photo collection to promote her new book and radio show, I wanted to gain a deeper understanding of her work as a Life Coach. So I scheduled a complimentary coaching session with her. She began by explaining how the session would unfold. She then guided me through a brief two-minute relaxation exercise to help me detach from any worries over the past or future so I could clear my mind and be fully present. The beauty of coaching by phone was the absolute privacy and comfort of being in my own space. For the focus of our session, Deborah invited me to choose one thing I wanted to accomplish in the next 30 days that I didn't think I could. With her gentle guidance, I realized I can accomplish much more than I give myself credit for. Together, we made a plan. That one thing I wanted to accomplish but couldn't? Done in a matter of days! I highly recommend Deborah's services as a Life Coach. She has an energy that is calming and full of love and light!" Susan


Kathy"Deborah and I met while completing the extensive iPEC coach certification. We’ve stayed in touch and recently she offered me a complimentary coaching session. What I gained from that one session is priceless. She helped me think through the reasons I was putting off important actions that would move my business forward. I am seeing instant benefits from the action I took the very next day. Deborah has keen insight, is a great listener and has a tremendous sense of creativity in helping you find the answers you seeks. She is one of the best in the industry!" Kathy


Kim"I was drawn to Deborah from the moment I met her. Her brilliance and insight are undeniable. Deborah has a special gift. You talk to her for just a moment and you are changed forever. With a wealth of knowledge, she takes you deeper, helps you find meaning and insight, and gives you tools to be your very best in all areas of life." Kim


Sylvia"One of the byproducts of my strong sense of responsibility is that I don’t laugh nearly often enough. But when coaching with Deborah, quite often I experience spontaneous, therapeutic laughing spells. When she helps me cut through my mind fog and excuses to see the Truth, all I can do is laugh with delight! Hire Deborah as your Coach; get greater clarity and learn to laugh more!" Sylvia


Rebecca"Working with Deborah has been an eye opener! In the past, when I encountered conflict, large or small, I always took it personally and had a hard time letting it go. Through our coaching, it became clear to me that most of what the other person was saying and doing wasn't really about me, but about the host of life experiences and other variables that person brought to the situation. When Deborah helped me "get curious" about why I was feeling the way I was, I gained a new perspective that greatly reduced my stress. Deborah’s insight, support and honest observations will help you find the answers you seek. I am forever grateful for the knowledge and confidence she helped me discover within myself." Rebekah


Ryan"The work I did with Deborah continues to change my life. While I have learned many valuable lessons from her, the greatest was the deep insight that is available to me when I listen to and learn from my own inner wisdom. Her intuition, discernment and encouragement have taught me to trust my own intuition—creating new paths and possibilities for my life. One of Deborah’s great gifts is helping others respect and connect with their inner guidance and through that connection, to form a deeper, more meaningful bond with the collective wisdom and energy of all." Ryan


Holly"I was referred to Deborah for coaching during a most critical and pivotal time of my career. Instantly I felt at peace and knew I would receive the answers I needed. She immediately helped me see how I was getting in my own way by allowing fear to control me, and gave me practical advice I could put to work right away. Her guidance was clear, on point, and revitalizing. I'm truly blessed to have been given such a gift." Holly


Maureen"Coaching with Deborah helped me feel better about the way my life is unfolding in the aftermath of my mother's death and some recent job losses. Her unique perspective on the energy and role of unconditional self-love in manifesting a fulfilling life is insightful and impactful. Deborah’s THE coach for me!" Maureen


Francesca"I signed up for a complimentary session with Deborah, and I'm so glad I did! Deborah was thoroughly present during our conversation, and she had a wonderful way of getting me to look at things from a different perspective. I also appreciated how Deborah used some amazing techniques to help me detach from the situation at hand which enabled me to see it more objectively and make a conscious choice to move forward in a healthy way. Thanks, Deborah!" Francesca


Marcia"To all who have the privilege of meeting and working with Deborah Jane Wells: It was a small group of breast cancer survivors and associates from the Trio Breast Center that came to learn from Deborah. It did not take long before they were fully engaged in experiencing the power of 'EFT/tapping.' Deborah has a wonderful personal story to share and can show firsthand the benefits of 'choosing your energy' to 'change your life.' Using visuals and active participation, Deborah guided the group through exercises to move thoughts from negativity to the highest of positive thinking. The energy of the group changed as Deborah continued to guide and explain the principles of 'falling in love with yourself.' With gratitude, I recommend Deborah Jane Wells as a speaker, life coach and friend. Her ability to adapt to her audience makes her the ideal choice for corporate leaders, managers, associates and, in my case, breast cancer survivors and their care givers. I hope you take the opportunity to meet and learn from this amazing woman." Marcia M. Cedars, Clinical Manager, The Trio Breast Center, Parker Adventist Hospital, Aurora, Colorado


LF"A professional coach myself, I first met Deborah at her last live weekend of training to become a certified professional life coach. I was so drawn by her message of 'falling in love with yourself,' I hired her as my own personal coach and worked with her, over a period of many months, exploring the concepts contained in her book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! Working with Deborah is powerful and transformational. She is a guide with ultimate credibility—not only has she mastered coaching skills, but she’s wise and intuitive, she’s been on this path herself, and she freely and generously desires to share the wisdom she’s learned on that journey. The Discovery Framework that she so eloquently describes in her book is something that we’ve worked on extensively. It was powerful for me, even after months of working on 'getting to know' my personal board of directors and the factors that feed my soul, to read the comprehensive explanation she sets forth there. Deborah’s intuitive hits are incredibly accurate—often, she knows what I’m feeling, and why, even before I do. Having her as a partner on my journey has made my path richer and deeper. Through her book, we all have her words and wisdom available any time we want a guide to living an authentic life filled with love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude." LF


Beth"My complimentary session with Deborah was very eye opening for me. She was able to show me a different perspective for my life and help me realize that I’ve been blocking myself from having the time, relationships and career I want. She helped me realize I need to have more compassion for myself and that I’m not alone. I’ve worked with other life coaches before but found her approach to be much more effective. She truly wowed me with her compassion, focus, intelligence and intuition." Beth


Annie"When asking for help it's crucial that you ask the right person. Deborah has incredible insight and provides thoughtful personalized advice. Her recommendations and suggestions during our coaching sessions were always spot on. She helped me rethink my approach to life's challenges. I truly appreciated the brainstorming and strategies and highly recommend working with her." Annie


Kara"Working with Deborah as a life coach has inspired me to keep growing as a person. She helps me examine who I am, my goals, and live outside my box with more excitement and love for the journey." Kara



Joyce"Deborah truly walks her talk. Her uplifting message of "Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!" is grounded in her personal journey through some very tough times that eventually led her to creating her life coaching business. She has a fascinating blend of inspiration and practicality that moves people to make major and important changes in their lives." Joyce 


"I needed to find a better work/life balance. Bringing to life the principles she shares in her book “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!” Deborah coached me for three months and got me to look closely at my situation and identify changes that could be made through heightened self-awareness, self-love and self-advocacy. She provided tips for stress reduction and encouraged me to request a change in my work schedule, which I did. As a result I am far less stressed and feel my life is much calmer (and therefore better/healthier) than it was before my coaching sessions. I am grateful for Deborah’s professional guidance and have benefited from it both personally and professionally." Joan



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“Deborah demonstrates that curiosity, compassion and gratitude can be powerful transformative attitudes we extend to the world around us when we start by viewing ourselves with these same grace-based convictions.”



Coaching Client Testimonials

"Deborah helps you gain insight from your past choices and explore possibilities for moving forward in less encumbered ways. Your life takes on new meaning and your potential becomes limitless."

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“I gained so much from Deborah’s power-packed Reiki course. The materials were well thought out and easy to follow. Deborah’s approach made the learning, attunement and practice flow naturally.”

When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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