Radio Guest Sandi Ausman

Sandi AusmanA Lightworker and Energy Healer for over 16 years, Certified ARCH Master Healer, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master, Sandi Ausman, incorporates Reconnective Healing, The Yuen Method, Spirit Channeling and EFT into her vibrational medicine. ARCH, or Ancient Rainbow Conscious Healing, comes from the ancient Kahuna traditions of Hawaii and employs all the rays of the Chakras and Rainbow. Sandi’s professional training includes 7 years with Laurie Grant in Boulder, Colorado and Hawaii. A 1996 Near Death Experience initiated Sandi’s own dynamic Spiritual Journey and training. Through her newest passion, Sandi has been called to be a Voice for the Animals. As an Animal Communicator, she channels Animal Soul Readings from these magnificent beings to support the healing and growth of all beings and the Planet. Sandi has 2 grown children and lives in Parker, CO, with 2 dogs and a beautiful horse with whom she spends all her spare time. 

Sandi Ausman
ARCH Master Energy Healer, Animal Communicator
Aurora, Colorado

If You Could Talk to the Animals
Episode 4 on January 30, 2013
This week, my guest, Sandi Ausman, and I will continue to explore the many ways in which we Journey to Wholeness.  What is it about a Near Death Experience (NDE) that can awaken us from the fog of Fear in which we’ve been imprisoned for so long? That’s how it was for Sandi, when a 1996 NDE served as the catalyst for her own personal journey from victim to victory, breakdown to breakthrough. The result? Finding her calling as a Lightworker, including 7 years of in-depth training with Laurie Grant in Hawaii and Boulder, CO. As a Certified ARCH Master Healer, Ordained Minister and Reiki Master, Sandi’s work in vibrational medicine for the past 16 years has incorporated Reconnective Healing, The Yuen Method, Spirit Channeling and EFT. Join us to explore the possibilities inherent in the many energy modalities Sandi employs, including her newest passion of serving as an Animal Communicator through which she provides a Voice for the Animals by channeling Animal Soul Readings.

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Your Personal Emotional Trainers
Episode 5 on February 6, 2013
Personal Emotional Trainers, or PETs, include beings of all species, human and not. Relationships are the Doctoral Program of Personal Growth. Just when we think we’ve started to get the hang of unconditional self-love, the Universe raises the bar a few notches by sending us relationships. In this episode, Energy Healer and Animal Communicator, Sandi Ausman, and I explore the basics of spirit channeling and the role that relationships play in learning some of life’s most difficult and important lessons. I’ll reveal more about my acclaimed “Coaching Cats” and lead you on a deep dive into the principle of “Compassion,” the third of four attributes of unconditional Love as revealed in the Discovery Framework (tm) in my upcoming book, “Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life,” being released by Hay House/Balboa Press in Spring 2013.

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Here's what Sandi said about being a guest on the show ...

When Deborah asked me to be one of the first guests on her radio show, I was very honored. I wanted to help her get her message out, because what she has to share and teach is so important. I also knew there were some experiences and tools from my life that I felt people could relate to and use in their own lives. I was blessed enough to be on two consecutive shows, and we had so much fun and had such a great rapport together. Deborah takes such good care of you, and has the format and details worked out so nicely, that it takes away any nervousness if you haven't done a radio show before. I loved my experience with Deborah!



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When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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