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JD MessingerJD Messinger is the award winning author of the bestselling book 11 DAYS IN MAY: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life. He is a Distinguished Graduate of the United States Naval Academy; a former firefighter and nuclear submarine officer; a television and radio show creator, producer, and host; the Exxon executive who helped supervise the Valdez Oil spill cleanup; and the former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, Singapore. Nominated for the CNBC Asian CEO of the year, he has been called the CEO of Spirituality by Martha Stewart Magazine, as he now applies his business acumen in the field of spirituality. For more information about JD's work in the world, click here.

JD Messinger
Award Winning #1 Amazon Best Selling Author
11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life

11 Days in May: Searching for Meaning and Purpose to Life
Episode 27 on July 10, 2013
Imagine being at the epitome of success—a powerful executive and self-made millionaire. From the depths of the ocean as a submariner to the heights of corporate jets as CEO, your life’s filled with luxury. But, at the height of your life, you shatter your neck and with it, the glass barrier that conveniently sheltered you from the meaning and purpose of life. During the process of rehabilitation, you leave your body, converse with God, and acquire powers supposedly not possessed by mortals: experiencing prophetic visions and receiving powerful insights. Your conclusion based on your near death experience—we don’t have a soul, we are a soul and we have a unique purpose in life. JD Messinger discusses how everything that happens fulfills your purpose, helping you discover who you are and why you’re here. Discovering and understanding your soul purpose is the most important question you can answer in life, and it will change everything, resulting in greater peace and fulfillment.

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Declare Your Independence and Reclaim Your Power: Tools, Exercises and Technique
Episode 51 on January 8, 2014

According to my guest, JD Messinger, reclaiming our power requires a combination of mental, physical and spiritual techniques. Learning to create purpose and meaning involves recognizing and removing the blocks that prevent us from becoming all we were meant to be. JD will share techniques and tools he has perfected over his 12-year quest for answers. As a man of science, JD used his nuclear engineering and advanced math degrees to explain spiritual phenomena and develop the regimen that regenerated his damaged vertebrae. Weaving together metaphysics, numerology, hypnosis and past life regression techniques, as well as yoga, martial arts and eastern healing modalities didn’t just restore his broken neck. It also helped him realize this is the same means by which we all can reclaim our Divine power. For more information about JD's work in the world, click here.

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Kiss Stress Goodbye and Make This Your Year to Shine!
Episode 52 on January 15, 2014

Since 1971, when Intel first introduced the microprocessor chip, US productivity has more than doubled. That could have resulted in all of us having twice as much time for fun. Instead, during that same period, our leisure time has decreased by almost 40% while average wages have barely kept pace with inflation. Is it any wonder adults report feeling much more stressed than they did a decade or two ago? Ready to recapture your zest for living? My guest, JD Messinger, and I will discuss how we help individuals and teams get unstuck and reclaim their power to build lives and organizations they love. During this episode, we’ll share the keys to increasing productivity and joy by decreasing stress and effort--personally and professionally. Learn how you too can escape the hamster wheel approach to life, turn unexplored possibilities into fulfilling realities and step into your greatness. Make 2014 your year to shine! For more information about JD's work in the world, click here.

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Here's what JD said about being a guest on the show ...

With the same energy and determination she applied in the professional world, Deborah has taken her considerable expertise in human potential and has now set her sights on the largest co-op in the world, humanity. Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life is tackling what I believe are the most important questions we each must ask: who am I, where did I come from, why am I here, and what's love got to do with it (cue Tina Turner)? These are not trivial or philosophical questions for the answers change what we do, why we do it, who and what we love. I am grateful for a wonderful show and the opportunity to walk with Deborah on this critical journey.



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When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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