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Are you feeling stressed out or stuck?

Is your overwhelming to do list making it impossible to find peace and joy?

Do you lack clarity and confidence about your future, personally or professionally?

Are you ready to take action that will make a quantum shift in your sense of equanimity and fulfillment right now?

Want to learn how choosing your energy can change your life?

Want to help others do so as well?


Since 1971, when Intel first introduced the microprocessor chip, US productivity has more than doubled. That could have resulted in all of us having twice as much time for fun. Instead, during that same period, our leisure time has decreased by almost 40% while average wages have barely kept pace with inflation. Is it any wonder adults report feeling much more stressed than they did a decade or two ago? 

Today I bring you hope in the form of my complete eight-part Daily Spiritual Practice Program. This program is one of my applied spirituality offerings based on insights from my book, Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life! (Hay House/Balboa Press), featuring my signature Discovery Framework and real stories from my own life and the lives of my clients. The program is part of my treasure map for discovering unexplored possibilities buried deep within your authentic self. And a guide for turning those possibilities into fulfilling realities. It will teach you to you shift your life from an endless, exhausting marathon to a journey of generous, effortless, gracious flow filled with faith, hope, prosperity, peace and joy. The principles I share will help you stay centered and focused today and every day. You’ll learn to increase productivity and joy by decreasing stress and effort—personally and professionally—so you can kiss stress goodbye and make this year your year to shine!


With my complete Daily Spiritual Practice Program,
arness the transformative power of love to help you

Minimize stress and get unstuck

Reclaim your personal power

Recapture your zest for living

Turn unexplored possibilities
into fulfilling realities and

Step into your greatness 

When we choose fear as our fuel, any of us—individuals and organizations alike—can become stuck in the “hamster wheel” approach to life. Trapped by the mistaken belief that busyness is the same as purpose, we can’t stand the way we’re living but feel powerless to change.

“As an aspiring professional coach, I reached out to Deborah to augment my certification training and help me get focused. She met my objectives and so much more. The most surprising and valuable result of our work together was a significant transformation within myself. Changing so many parts of myself from the inside out really solidified the reason that I want to be a professional coach. The feeling of a deep, personal transformation is so uniquely profound, words cannot come close to fully describing the lasting impact. Deborah helped me rediscover that feeling of hope and endless possibilities inside myself which so inspires me to partner with my clients in doing the same.” —Mark


Get off that "hamster wheel"
and start living from love, mindfulness and gratitude
with my complete Daily Spiritual Practice Program.

The solution is actually quite simple: when love transforms your relationship with yourself, it can’t help but transform your personal life, your work and the world.

"My therapist recommended Deborah’s services when life handed me a few extra helpings of uncertainty with a divorce, a career change and more. Deborah’s loving partnership and insight helped me get off my own incessantly spinning hamster wheel. She helped me discover the abundant power within me and manifest my full potential. With her support, I found the courage to pursue two lifelong dreams: moving to India and writing my first book. Both felt unattainable one year ago today, and yet, with Deborah’s guidance, I’ve begun to live the life I dreamed of. She’s a Life Coach Miracle Worker! I am forever grateful." —Janice


My daily practice is a form of spiritual hygiene
that helps me begin my day on a mindful and constructive foundation.

Through a three-phase process based in written meditation, centering and affirmations, I clear myself of all fear, realign my energy and intentions, and dedicate myself as a clear channel for love and light, with the commitment to learn my lessons quickly and gently and help others do so as well. It’s a rededication to the truth that, when I am free of all fear and aligned with love as my Source, my very presence raises the constructive energy of every being and situation I encounter. Then throughout the day, as needed, I re-align and re-commit by invoking my statement of intentions.

“I find Deborah’s approach to be unique. Her great advantage is the ability to bring together a strong professional background, a deeply spiritual perspective and a personal character born out of overcoming her own challenges and leveraging her life experiences to support others on their Journeys to Wholeness.” —Lily


This multi-media program consists of
18 downloadable files (11 audio, 6 print and 1 video).

My particular practice is just one of many ways to clear yourself of fear and align yourself with your higher purpose. Following it is an option, not an obligation. I teach it to give you some ideas for getting started and inspire you to develop your own personalized daily practice through which you clear yourself of all fear, realign your energy and intentions, and dedicate yourself as a clear channel for love and light, with the commitment to learn your lessons quickly and gently and help others do so as well. 

"As a result of Deborah's coaching, I was finally able to forgive my father for all the abuse I received from him and free myself from feeling that I was ‘not enough.’ Through my work with Deborah, I came to see that it was my father's feelings of inadequacy that kept him from loving himself or anyone else, not any insufficiency in me. Once I was able to let go of my bitterness, I could thank him for the gift of life and for the role he played in learning to love myself. I've been able to help others find release from past pain and self-imposed limitations by sharing my lesson freely. I so appreciate Deborah's presence in my life." —Caroline


Audio files

The audio files include overviews of each of the elements and guided meditation versions of the centering, affirmations and statement of intentions components—with and without background music, so that you may practice with my music, with no music or with the music of your choice.

  1. Introduction
  2. Written Meditation Overview
  3. Centering Meditation Overview
  4. Centering Guided Meditation With Music
  5. Centering Guided Meditation Without Music
  6. Affirmations Overview
  7. Affirmations Guided Meditation With Music
  8. Affirmations Guided Meditation Without Music
  9. Statement of Intentions Overview
  10. Statement of Intentions Guided Meditation With Music
  11. Statement of Intentions Guided Meditation Without Music

The program download page also includes companion scripts and worksheets for each of the three guided meditation practices to support you in posting them as inspirational reminders, recording them in your own voice and adapting them to create your own versions that encourage you on your personal Journey to Wholeness.


Print files 

  1. Centering Guided Meditation Script
  2. Centering Guided Meditation Worksheet
  3. Affirmations Guided Meditation Script
  4. Affirmations Guided Meditation Worksheet
  5. Statement of Intentions Guided Meditation Script
  6. Statement of Intentions Guided Meditation Worksheet


Video file

You can even download a 35-minute video version of the stress management overview presentation I deliver at workshops and seminars.



And you can download the affirmations in a GRAPHICS format with expressive images that reinforce the core energy of each affirmation. 

“Deborah and I met while completing the extensive iPEC coach certification. We’ve stayed in touch and recently she offered me a complimentary coaching session. What I gained from that one session is priceless. She helped me think through the reasons I was putting off important actions that would move my business forward. I am seeing instant benefits from the action I took the very next day. Deborah has keen insight, is a great listener and has a tremendous sense of creativity in helping you find the answers you seek. She is one of the best in the industry!” —Kathy


Ready to make this year one of effortless flow
filled with greater faith, hope, prosperity,
peace and joy—for the entire planet?



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“Deborah demonstrates that curiosity, compassion and gratitude can be powerful transformative attitudes we extend to the world around us when we start by viewing ourselves with these same grace-based convictions.”



Coaching Client Testimonials

"Deborah helps you gain insight from your past choices and explore possibilities for moving forward in less encumbered ways. Your life takes on new meaning and your potential becomes limitless."

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“I gained so much from Deborah’s power-packed Reiki course. The materials were well thought out and easy to follow. Deborah’s approach made the learning, attunement and practice flow naturally.”

When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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