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Many thanks to the readers who graciously took the time to share the value of the insights they gleaned in reading my book. I am grateful for the opportunity to share my message of hope, possibilities and empowerment with the world and treasure your encouragement on my journey. You are loved and loving, blessed and a blessing. Namaste.


Nicki Royall Peet"It’s almost axiomatic these days in the spiritual realm to say loving yourself first is the key to spiritual growth. But Deborah Jane Wells goes farther than just offering a platitude—she shows us what loving oneself looks like in the real world.

Her personal story of transformation is both inspirational and motivational. For outsiders looking in, Wells had something of a dream existence—meaningful high-paid employment at a well-respected top-level consulting firm. She held solid credentials, reaped monetary rewards and honest kudos from her peers. But after 30 years in the field, she found herself profoundly overweight, deeply depressed, unable to mine this outward appearance of abundance for a sense of inner contentment. Even her therapist at the time told her, 'your job is killing you, you need to quit'—no easy task for one so richly rewarded. To just about everyone but herself, she appeared to be the epitome of success. 

Fortunately for us beneficiaries of Wells’ wisdom, she took a five-year sabbatical to chart her path forward. As poet Rainer Maria Rilke suggests, she has 'lived deeply into the answers' to some of life’s deepest questions. She lost 80 pounds and kept it off, conquered depression and built a new and satisfying career as a Life Coach and facilitator. 

I can relate to her 'stuckness;' that stuck in the mud inability to move forward. Stuckness can take many forms from unhappiness in marriage or career, to addictions and other patterns of self- destruction.

Her journey to spiritual wisdom and self-love is life changing, not just for her, but potentially for anyone who reads her book. Her compassion extends to others as she describes how to find and sustain a love of self that can propel individuals into personal transformation. And she manages to pull this off with incredible wit and panache. Be brave, follow Deborah’s example: read this book, learn to live the loving, fulfilling life you’ve always wanted." Rev. Nicki Royall Peet, Celebrations Ordained Minister and author of The Shaman's Daughter


Heather Jones"This book has honestly helped me transform my life, and I am truly grateful for the inspiration Deborah has given me through her words. With the clear cut directions in this book, I'm able to quickly identify limiting beliefs that are keeping me from moving forward, and transition those beliefs into positive action. I've personally broken through many barriers by doing this work, and would highly recommend this book to anyone, regardless of what stage of life they are in. In reading Deborah's book, I was able to create my own affirmations to take me through my daily journey, which are posted all around my home and serve as a reminder of how far I've come. My book is full of sticky notes and highlights, and I'll continue to use it throughout my life as a guide. Thank you, Deborah!" Heather Jones, author of The Double Standard in Dating


Kathy Cooperman"With admiration and gratitude, I highly recommend 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!' Deborah Jane Wells shares her journey through both highs and lows. Her personal stories are touching, genuine and most of all inspiring. I found myself relating to many of the struggles she so clearly outlines—her own and client stories. Her transparency makes me trust her counsel. Her experience is staggering. I’m an avid reader so I was thrilled to find her book loaded with models, charts and practical applications for enhancing my own journey forward. She also provides an abundance of resources for further learning and exploration. As an executive coach and facilitator of leadership development, I plan to recommend her book for my own clients as they sometimes face many of the same challenges she addresses. I now keep her book close within reach to refer to again and again." Kathy Cooperman, MA, CSP, KC Leadership Consulting LLC


Joe Calloway"To me the great thing about Deborah's book is how 'accessible' she makes the ideas. The Oxygen Mask is probably the single best example. As with so many of the ideas in the book, she explains the principle in such a simple way that it's got universal application to virtually any reader. I can imagine people having multiple moments of 'Oh … I get it!' throughout the book. The stories from her own life as well as stories of her clients' experiences become stories about all of us—stories about which the reader will think, 'I am living my own version of this.' Well done—bravo!" Joe Calloway, Author of Be The Best At What Matters


JD Messinger"With the same energy and determination she applied in the professional world, Deborah has taken her considerable expertise in human potential and has now set her sights on the largest co-op in the world, humanity. 'Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life!' tackles what I believe are the most important questions we each must ask: who am I, where did I come from, why am I here, and what's love got to do with it (cue Tina Turner)? These are not trivial or philosophical questions for the answers change what we do, why we do it, who and what we love. I am grateful for the opportunity to walk with Deborah on this critical journey." JD Messinger, Award Winning #1 Amazon Best Selling Author of 11 Days in May: The Conversation That Will Change Your Life,


Rev. David Howard, Senior Minister, Unity Spiritual Center Denver
"I have heard many spiritual teachers, self-help guides, and authors say that we must 'love ourselves.' However, I have encountered few, if any, who actually told us how to do it. That is, until now. In 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!,' Deborah Jane Wells provides us with a clearly defined method for doing just that. Through sharing her personal story of recovery and the stories of some of her clients, Deborah not only gives us hope that loving ourselves is possible, but she also shares the tools that each of us can use to do it for ourselves. This book has the power to transform your life. It is clear and concise and offers a detailed framework for applying the tools. I highly recommend this book to anyone who is seeking to make meaningful and lasting changes in their lives." Rev. David Howard, Senior Minister, Unity Spiritual Center Denver, Colorado


Angela McGoldrick"Do you feel overwhelmed, out of sorts, and unfulfilled? Do you work and strive to do more, and still find that no matter how much you do it’s never enough? Do you feel depleted and constantly on the hamster wheel of life? Striving but never arriving to a place of contentment and peace? Do you over give to everyone else and find that you feel empty and unappreciated, yet struggle with receiving from others in return? Do find yourself stuffing those empty feelings with food, alcohol, shopping, social media, toxic relationships or some other obsession or habit that leaves you feeling unsatisfied? Have you searched for answers but have come up empty handed? Then this is the guidebook to help transform your life by not only helping you learn to fall in love with yourself, but explore patterns that no longer serve your highest good. 

This amazing book is packed full of skills, tools, and techniques to assist you on the journey to a life fueled by love rather than fear. Deborah Jane Wells will challenge you to examine your life and will teach you the 'Discovery Framework' that will guide you to choose love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude as your core energy. Through this new perspective it will help you implement and experience the flow of faith, hope, prosperity, peace, and joy so that you can live a fulfilled life. She will walk with you while sharing her own journey of struggles and help you learn to find balance, hope, and inspiration to live a life that you truly love. As a psychotherapist and someone who has struggled on my own journey in life I highly recommend this book to anyone who is really ready to face the challenges of getting unstuck and ready to make real changes in their life and to learn to fall in love with the person who matters most…You!" Angela McGoldrick, MS, LPC, Executive Director, Life in Balance, Christiansburg, Virginia


Debra Maviglia Podish"Just as all of us are born as unique individuals with gifts and abilities, all of us encounter unique obstacles and challenges in life that may limit or hinder us in fully expressing our gifts and abilities. In her book, 'Choose your Energy: Change your Life!,' Deborah Jane Wells encourages readers to discover ourselves, embrace who we are and welcome life's challenges as opportunities rather than roadblocks. I found this book to be insightful and encouraging in its message. What we tell ourselves about ourselves is the backdrop against which we then measure the significance and value of all our life's encounters, experiences, accomplishments or failures. When we choose to stand upon a foundation of love and respect for ourselves, it follows that we can view the world around us with the same positive energy. Curiosity, compassion and gratitude can be powerful and transformative attitudes we extend to the world around us when we choose first to view ourselves with these same grace-based convictions. This book will be an affirmation to all who read it." Debra Maviglia Podish


Anne Barton"Here is what I know about Deborah Jane Wells ... she walks her talk. I was a witness to her process for writing this book and she followed her energy and her heart every step of the way. The principles and wisdom shared in her book, along with practical steps for truly creating meaningful change in your life, come from Deborah's personal life experience and that of many of her clients. In life she is curious, courageous, loving, spiritual and always willing to delve deeper to understand herself better. And she offers this same support and guidance for all who cross her path. Deborah embodies a unique combination of an organized, well-developed left brain balanced by a strong connection to her creativity and inner capacities. As a result, 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!' offers a holistic approach to personal growth. This book is filled with engaging personal stories and a series of tools that you'll use throughout your life." Anne Barton, Founder, The E Life


Rev. David A. Johnson"I was trained as a research scientist over a half-century ago. The agreed-upon methodology centered upon empirical evidence. Such evidence was continually subject to verification—or falsification—through repeated experimentation and re-interpretation. By virtue of this iterative process, narratives and subjective experiences were de-valued or dis-credited entirely. Only objective/dispassionate experiences and observations were worthy of serious scrutiny. All scientific publications, research proposals and presentations to professional meetings were expected to be grounded in objectivity. Story-telling was viewed, at best, as a harmless diversion from the search for truth.

Deborah Jane Wells, in her 2013 memoir 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!,' brings personal narrative—and love—back to their proper places in human understanding. Drawing upon her decades of experience as a writer, speaker and empowerment coach, she recognizes the important distinction between 'stuff that’s true' and 'stuff that matters.' To be sure these two realms are overlapping, not mutually exclusive. Yet their methodological focus is different. Personal narrative gives essential recognition to the ambiguity, paradoxes, contradictions, chaos and imperfections that constitute every living system. Life unfolds through tinkering and testing, not via 'intelligent design.' I recall the words of the biologist Lewis Thomas, who observed (in 'The Medusa and the Snail,' 1974), 'The capacity to blunder slightly is the real marvel of DNA. Without this special attribute, we would still be anaerobic bacteria. And there would be no music.'

If you are comfortable with life’s ambiguities, contradictions, and contingencies and if you are able to welcome 'the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune' as gifts for learning and maturing, then Deborah Jane Wells’ compelling memoir into 'stuff that matters' will invite your engagement. You may even be prompted to re-consider some of your favorite hobby-horses and learned limitations." Rev. David A. Johnson, Interim Minister, Williamsburg Unitarian Universalists, Virginia


Liz Phillips Fisch"My library is filled with self-help books, stories of personal transformation, and books about coaching, leadership, and psychology. 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!' combines elements of all of these genres and will lead you on a personal journey to self-understanding, self-acceptance, and self-love. Lest you think that sounds 'self-ish,' let me assure you that, as Deborah explains very effectively in her 'Lesson of the Oxygen Mask' in part I, chapter 2, those qualities are essential for every aspect of your life, including your relationships with others. The best gift that you can give yourself—and others—is the gift of self-love, which leads to an authentic life of truly expressing yourself in all that you do. This work and the Discovery Framework that she so eloquently describes are powerful and transformational. Deborah is a guide with ultimate credibility—not only has she mastered coaching skills, but she’s wise and intuitive, she’s been on this path herself, and she freely and generously desires to share the wisdom she’s learned on that journey. Through her book, we all now have her words and wisdom available any time we want a guide to living an authentic life filled with love, respect, curiosity, compassion, and gratitude." Liz Phillips Fisch, CPC, PCC, ELI-MP, M.Ed., Vice President, Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC) 

Kim Clausen"With a theme like 'When you fall in love with yourself, everything else falls into place' how can you go wrong? That's what I felt as I opened up and absorbed myself into the pages of Deborah's book. The book was a constant and gentle reminder of how to love ourselves first, and be compassionate at all times so that we can show up as our best selves in the world. The vast amount of tools and insights further deepened my understanding and appreciation for the importance of TRUE self-love. We're so busy taking care of others, we often neglect ourselves. And in her book, Deborah continues to bring home the point that if we aren't good to ourselves, we cannot be good to anyone else. This book showed me how and it will show you too." Kim Clausen


Marla Ofstad"Deborah's book, 'Choose Your Energy: Change our Life!,' could benefit anyone for any reason. She is so honest in her own personal struggle and journey over many years, it is most inspiring and touching to see the person she has become. If we could all read this book and benefit from her experiences, it would be a better world! Her principles and approaches that are so eloquently documented in this book, have benefited me during our coaching sessions over the last six months. She has shared all the tools and techniques necessary to have a fulfilling life based on love of yourself FIRST." Marla Ofstad

Jeannette Koczela"This profoundly educational book shares Deborah Jane Wells’ personal journey of healing burnout and depression to living a life of wholeness and hope. She walks us through her process that she used to heal herself as well as her coaching clients with several detailed case studies. Her Discovery Framework method works with the outer senses, the inner senses, and your core energy to help you free yourself from limiting thoughts so you can experience a flow in every moment that fuels you with love, gratitude, and compassion. Her background as a minister comes into play in her passion to move you out of fear-based thinking and into love-based thinking through many interesting exercises you can do on your own. This book gives the reader hope that you really can change your life and that it’s a conscious choice. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants a more fulfilling life." Jeannette Koczela, Founder/President, International Association of Professional Life Coaches
Audrey Smith"Deborah's message is passionate, simple and consistent throughout the book, guiding you to find your own voice and path toward being present in all aspects of your life. This is the book I pick up time and again to center my thinking and my life." Audrey Smith, Executive Director, Hospice House & Support Care of Williamsburg, Virginia 


Vicki Lou Dungan"I have known Deborah Jane Wells for many years and am witness to the amazing transformation she describes in her book 'Choose Your Energy:Change Your Life!' In it, she has translated the skills she honed as a world-renowned consultant and coach into practical strategies, tools and techniques the reader can readily use in their own transformation. The examples she describes--from her own life and the lives of her clients--show how this system plays out in real life and helps each reader apply these tools in their own life. This book also provides a structure you can use to apply these concepts and a ready reference when you need reminders. It is definitely worth having." Vicki L. Dungan, Management Consultant and Real Estate Investor


Jackie LeClair"Deborah Jane Wells shares so much of herself in her book, 'Choose Your Energy, Change Your Life!' Her work is experiential, not theoretical. She knows that the tools she provides in her book will work for everyone who will practice them. Regularly using just one or two of those tools has made a profound difference in how I experience my life. She is so right-on about loving yourself first…all else that follows is based in that love." Jackie LeClair


Jeanne Sanderson"Deborah is the real-deal! I was one of the fortunate people to have watched parts of Deborah's journey and use of the material she shares in this book. Not only have I read the book and re-read it as I continue to fall in love with myself, I give this book to anyone I find who is needing an inspirational 'leg up' to get out of their quagmire." Jeanne Sanderson 


Diane Caldwell"After reading Deborah's book, I have come to realize that this has been the most inspirational and educational self-help book! Through her exceptional intuition and understanding of one's self and many personal and professional examples she showed me how to transform myself into the person I want to be. It has tremendously impacted my personal relationships and my professional life to unending triumph. I just can’t say enough great things about this book except it’s worth every penny to get and read!!! Thanks Deborah for blessing my life through your book!!" Diane Caldwell, Owner, Affordable Mobile Pet Grooming, Newport News, Virginia 


Gwendolyn C Natusch"Deborah is a resourceful, brilliant, go-getter who lives what she writes. I highly recommend you partake in this read!" Gwendolyn C Natusch, Center for Personal Evolution, New Bern, North Carolina 



Debra Hall"Truly loved it! This book guided me through the changes I needed to make to create a happier, healthier lifestyle. The tools help you take positive action in the direction you want to go. It's written in a style that encourages and empowers." Debra Hall



Brenda Strong"This is a GREAT book! The ideas are stated simply as though conversing with a friend. I loved the construct of the 'Board of Directors' and immediately was able to recognize when my Board or friend's Board had 'gone gremlin.' I am also a Reiki Master and have been able to use ideas from Deborah's book with my clients. This will be a book I read multiple times." Brenda Strong, Reiki for All Beings


Carol V Henningsen"This is a very good, indepth book about changing yourself for the better. I am looking forward to more positive changes in myself." Carol V Henningsen


Hannah Creager"In a world where it is second nature to invest our energies in empty ventures, Deborah invites us to take a stab at the offer of a lifetime: Celebrate! At the heart of Deborah's work is the claim that there is much to be celebrated in this life, and that a good place to start is the place that experiences the most neglect: ourselves. In her book Deborah provides a practical path to wearing a lens of celebratory love, and she does so with a wealth of curiosity and a healthy dose of humor. Combine Deborah's written work with her compassionate coaching style, and you will be well on your way to discovering your fullest self." Hannah Creager, Chaplaincy Director, Hospice House and Support Care of Williamsburg, Virginia


Anne Sandoval"A truly uplifting book. A definite must read book. I purchased one for each of my employees. Thank you Deborah for your words of wisdom!" Anne Sandoval 



Sheila Hughes"How many of us see ourselves through other's eyes, to the point that you don't even know who YOU are anymore? We all have roles we play but, in all our role playing, we 'forget' who we are and what we really want or need. Deborah's story is one that resonates with many who have lost that 'spark' of life and seek to find their way back. Deborah's story is one of hope but it hasn't been without trial and tribulation. She changed her life by changing her energy and best of all she tells you how YOU can change your life in positive ways. As a lifecoach, Deborah's life has been a beacon of hope for her fortunate clients. She has distilled her message into a book that makes life coaching accessible and affordable to everyone. This is a great book for anyone that has ever wondered how a lifecoach can change your life for the better and the steps you can take to reconnect with that 'spark' of life." Sheila Hughes


Brandy Lee"I do not believe in coincidences. However, I 'coincidentally' bumped into Deborah Jane Wells and her book 'Choose your Energy: Change Your Life!', exactly when I needed it. In other words, the universe led me to what I needed before I was even aware of what I needed! In this book Deborah talks about 'going from breakdown, to break through.' I was definitely having a breakdown and reading this book helped me achieve my own break through much faster than I could have believed possible. I will forever be grateful.  Thank you Deborah!" Brandy Lee


Joyce Feustel"In her book, Deborah expertly blends her personal journey of life changing experiences with practical and effective tools that others can use to change their own lives. People who would especially benefit from reading (and re-reading this book) are those who struggle with addiction challenges, low self-esteem, life transitions, and those exploring career changes to name just a few of the folks for whom this book would make a positive difference in their lives. I like the way she structured the book in terms of first sharing her own story, laying out what fuels constructive core energy, her description of the nine senses, as well as the concept of a personal board of directors, and finally the lessons in living. This is a book that a person can pick up and read just a short section and take time to mull over that. Then the reader would go back to it later and move into the next section, and not rush headlong through it. Just step through it at the pace that fits the person." Joyce Feustel, Boomers' Social Media Tutor 


Missi Holt"This book is a powerful template for personal transformation. The author gives you insight into your own inner workings, guides you to discover how you're showing up in each moment, and offers you the gifts of curiosity and respect to lovingly move forward toward the life you long to live. Maximize your personal transformation by coaching live with the author." Missi Holt Bantner, Fitness and Nutrition Editor, Early to Rise


Jennifer Adamson-Elledge"This is a book that I keep going back to again and again. Everyone deserves to live a fulfilling life. That’s why this book is a powerful tool and reference guide to help me stay on track with my life’s goals of discovery, wholeness, healing, love and truth. The Lessons in Living section is particularly helpful when I just need a quick pick-me-up from life’s daily stressors and a positive boost of energy. The client stories and the meditations and affirmations the author shares have definitely aided in transforming my life for the better. I highly recommend this book to anyone who’s ready and willing to shed old layers of fear and move into a place of greater joy and fulfillment." Jennifer Adamson


David Goldstein"I enjoyed reading 'Choose Your Energy: Change Your Life!' and getting to know Deborah. By example, she leads us to look inward beyond our head and toward our heart. And she generously shares helpful wisdom through stories and her experiences." David Goldstein, author of Creative You: Using Your Personality Type to ThriveDavid's Courageously Creative blog and website


Hollie Kikel"I've read many self help books and this is one of the best. What makes it stand out is the fact that it has a very personal touch. Deborah Jane Wells shares her own personal journey of transformation and the experiences of some of her coaching clients to inspire all of us who've felt overwhelmed and burdened by life's challenges. Her courage, insight, and wisdom are simply inspiring. She not only motivates the reader with these stories but also shares the tools she's learned along the way that we can all use to allow for positive change in our lives. This book is Deborah's gift to all of us and is empowering to anyone willing to take an honest look at their thoughts and limiting beliefs and in the process become more aware of the power we all have from within to have the life we really want." Hollie Kikel


Linda Guntharp"I highly recommend this book to anyone who really wants more out of life. This book is changing my life 1 page at a time, 1 baby step at a time. I just can't even begin to tell you how thrilled I am that the Lord placed this book and its wonderful author Life Coach Deborah Jane Wells in my life. The life lessons are so practical and easy to relate to. I was looking for one little nugget of insight to share here but this is so chock full of simple and valuable morsels I could not isolate just one snippet. Let me just say after years and years of delving into my Bible and dozens upon dozens of self-help books, tapes and CDs and even motivational conventions, I now realize I was missing a very key element ... Loving Me. This is a super great book to ponder over and over and over again. Truly a must read for everyone!" Linda Guntharp 


"I love the book." Shirley Del Vecchio



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“Deborah demonstrates that curiosity, compassion and gratitude can be powerful transformative attitudes we extend to the world around us when we start by viewing ourselves with these same grace-based convictions.”



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"Deborah helps you gain insight from your past choices and explore possibilities for moving forward in less encumbered ways. Your life takes on new meaning and your potential becomes limitless."

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“I gained so much from Deborah’s power-packed Reiki course. The materials were well thought out and easy to follow. Deborah’s approach made the learning, attunement and practice flow naturally.”

When you fall in love with yourself,
everything else finally falls into place,
with beauty, power, and grace.
When you release the illusion of fear
and embrace the truth of love,
you will know in each moment
who you are and Whose you are.
That, my dear friends,
is more than enough.
It is everything.
―Deborah Jane Wells


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