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Overcoming Holiday Overwhelm
December 1, 2017
Overcoming Holiday OverwhelmOver-committing, perfectionism and sketchy personal boundaries, can result in feeling overwhelmed any time of year. But the unrealistic expectations, madcap pace and endless entertaining of the holidays shifts the potential for overwhelm into overdrive—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Click here to read more

Getting Unstuck: The Flow Scan
November 3, 2017
Getting Unstuck: The Flow ScanMany of us think if we dare to try something new or take a risk in order to expand or improve our lives, we won’t make life better, we’ll make it more difficult. 
We tell ourselves it’s easier to stick with the status quo because it’s predictable. Our preference for the familiar is so strong, it’s actually cited as one of the most common reasons people chose to stay in dysfunctional—even abusive—situations and relationships.But what if the familiar just isn’t working for you anymore? Click here to read more

Finding Flow: Being not Doing
October, 6 2017
Have you ever known someone who seemed to be born with all the advantages—money, status, intelligence, opportunity—but floundered and ricocheted through life in a constant state of frustration, lack and misery? Have you ever known someone who appeared to be born with a ton of limitations—poverty, abandonment, academic challenges, maybe even a few run-ins with the law—click here to read more

Letting Go of Resentment
September 1, 2017
Letting Go of ResentmentHot shot kid in a too-fast car cut you off this morning; it’s noon and you’re still seething...Spouse had an affair 25 years ago and even though you’ve been divorced for 10 years, your stomach still knots up when you think about it...You moved to a new city for a great career opportunity here to read more

To Change Your Reality, Change Your Story
August 4, 2017
To Change Your Reality, Change Your StoryEvery day, Jerome begins his work by telling himself his favorite story: "I’m not valued around here. They’re heaping on the work just to see when I’ll quit. I’m sure to be passed over for promotion." His co-worker, Alissa, has her own favorite story: "This company’s president is..."click here to read more
Move Your Body, Move Your Soul
July 7, 2017
Move Your Body, Move Your SoulWhatever your size, shape or gender, encouraging your body to move freely and intuitively can help you connect with and harness the wisdom of your authentic voice. Moving your body liberates your soul to access your deepest dreams and desires and recognize the many opportunities already available to you for making them your reality—one baby step at a time. Click here to read more
How Well Do You Love Your Body?
June 2, 2017
How Well Do You Love Your Body?Whatever our gender, when temperatures increase, the amount of clothing decreases and our bodies are typically more on display. Many of us feel particularly vulnerable if our bodies are even a fraction shy of the unrealistic, inhumane culturally defined perfect 10. Click here to read more
Life Lessons from the Garden
May 5, 2017
Life Lessons from the GardenConsider the dandelion. Reviled by many as an insistent, bothersome weed, it nevertheless continues to proudly display its pert, bright yellow self everywhere in lawns, gardens and sidewalk cracks. Click here to read more
Clearing the Clutter: The Ultimate Act of Self-Care
April 7,  2017
Clearing the Clutter: The Ultimate Act of Self-CareWhen the mountain of paperwork and other clutter on her desk approached Mt. Everest proportions, Amelia would “organize” by sweeping it all into paper bags and boxes that she stashed in closets and under tables.

George didn’t even bother stashing his clutter. The obstacle course from his front door to the rest of the house meant friends and others generally here to read more

Lack of Sleep Getting in Your Way?
March 3, 2017
In much of the United States we’re about to lose yet another hour of sleep when we turn the clocks back at 2 a.m. on Sunday March 12, 2017. Talk about adding insult to injury! Given that quality sleep is as important to our health as food and water, why is it that so many of us are sleep deprived so much of the time? Click here to read more

Chasing the Blues Away
February 3, 2017
Chasing the Blues AwayIf you find yourself feeling a little sad, less energetic than usual, a bit bored or a touch lonely, you may be experiencing “the blues.” While you can get the blues at any time in response to your circumstances, they are especially here to read more

An Exercise in Vitality
January 13, 2017
An Exercise in VitalityWhat reduces tension and stress; relieves depression and anxiety; promotes vitality; builds self-esteem; improves self-image and confidence; increases stamina, strength, flexibility, stability and dexterity; improves mental sharpness and alertness; strengthens immunity; reduces health risks; reduces excess weight and improves sleep? EXERCISE! You don’t have to train as a triathlete—every little bit helps. Click here to read more

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